My 28th birthday wishlist

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling twenty... seven. Almost eight. And also GREAT.


Seriously though. I read a blog post the other day from a really big blogger on turning 30 and it genuinely made me despair. It was the most narcissistic crap I've ever read and I've read a lot of narcissistic blog posts. I'll save you 10 minutes of your life you won't get back by not linking to it.

I'll also save you a further 5 minutes by not wittering on about getting older. Grateful that my head, heart, brain and body have taken me this far. It's been pretty superb, danke danke.

On to the sparkly stuff! I LOVE birthdays. My husband hates them and I see it as my personal mission every year to force him into some level of enjoyment when March rolls around.

My birthday is June (just a couple of weeks away!) and I'm already thinking about it. I love balloons. I love cake. I love cards - more than presents, truth be told. I love getting fancy and organising at least one weekly celebration (with different crowds...) throughout the month. I'm that girl. Birthdays are GREAT. I think it's being a twin (did I mention that before?) and sharing the excitement of it all. Double the trouble, double the fun.

I've got a fair few things on the ol' wishlist this year, although tbh I am heart eyes for anything Oliver Bonas these days. That and Etsy. OH and an ASOS voucher wouldn't go amiss. Anyway, here it is, folks. If it's your birthday soon or you just fancy treating ya self, take note.

Clockwise from top left: Missoma Gold Pave Huggie Pair | Studio Boketto Mo 'Pho Birthday Card | A Woman Lived Here: Alternative Blue Plaques, Remembering London's Remarkable Women | Neal's Yard Geranium & Orange Shower Gel | Oliver Bonas Bathing Ladies Gift Bag | H&M Take Me To Milano T-Shirt

Missoma Gold Pave Huggie Pair
These Missoma huggie earrings are exactly what I've been lusting after (my best friend showed up to my house last weekend in a similar pair and so yeah I'm copying, gimme). I love minimal gold jewellery and anything pave gets my seal of approval - both my wedding and engagement ring have pave diamonds too. πŸ’

Studio Boketto Mo 'Pho Birthday Card
I love this birthday card and I could probably only send it to roughly 6 people in my life who wouldn't be offended πŸ˜‚ but there we have it. Studio Boketto is a fellow Etsy seller, so I had to shout out another shop local - right? 

A Woman Lived Here: Alternative Blue Plaques, Remembering London's Remarkable Women
I can't remember where I saw a review of this book - Red magazine? - but it's right up my street πŸ˜œ according to the blurb, 903 Londoners are commemorated through blue plaques throughout the city - but only 111 of these remember women. This book 'redresses the balance' and bloody bravo.

Neal's Yard Geranium & Orange Shower Gel As I type this it's roughly 100°C so it's not exactly bath weather, as much as I love a soak. I found my favourite Neal's Yard shower gel with 1/3 off and whilst it's def. more expensive than the usual Original Source, it's a luxury I wouldn't normally treat myself to. 🍊On the list it goes!

Oliver Bonas Bathing Ladies Gift Bag
I love everything in Oliver Bonas and I very nearly put this malachite ring in here too, but to be honest I really want this gift bag. πŸ„‍♀️Ridiculous I know. Probably just going to buy it for myself. But their gift bags are just ideal for any extras I don't want in my smaller handbag - a book, lunch, Maison Loui orders. Oh and this print is super cool, so there's that.

H&M Take Me To Milano T-Shirt
So let's just start by saying I could have any one of the 4 styles of this embroidered tee - and for £19.99 it's hardly the usual H&M price but my oh my do I want one. Spotted on Hannah first of all, who rocks the Shoes & Spaghetti 🍝 style which I adore but the Milano stops me from being a real copycat style also caught my eye. Here Comes the Sun gets honourable mention also.

Any other June babies here?