Here comes the sun

Ahhhh the sun is shining! People are smiling. How are you doing?! I'm feeling super bright and happy this weekend, despite a crazy busy week at work (which would usually leave me feeling totally wiped out come Friday night). Such is the power of vitamin D! Thank god for the sunshine we've been having recently. Can it plz stay forever?

I'm writing this on the sofa a little bit hungover as we've just come back from a friend's 40th birthday - it was so fun! They had a huge fairground style tent in the grounds of YHA New Forest, a band and a hog roast. Plus Pimms on tap. Bloody ideal! We swung by the beautiful North Lodge at Brockenhurst Park in the New Forest for the snap above. I have to confess I originally saw it on Pinterest and then again via A Clothes Horse (if you don't follow Rebecca you do now) and couldn't resist it when we were only a 15 minute drive away lols such is the power of social media. It is such a beautiful place (and did you know you can stay there)?! Magical.

In other news, a few dates in the diary...

  1. April - Date P (my husband and I tried and failed to complete an alphabet of dates during our first year of marriage but we're trying to pick it up)! I'm taking him to do pottery painting, poor bugger. I'm safe because he doesn't read this mwahaha.
  2.  Seeing my old University crew for dinner and a long, long overdue catch up. It's been over a year since we've got together, so it's going to be epic.
  3. May - Going for a Champney's spa day with some gorgeous colleagues and chilling out as much as possible the day before...
  4. Flying to Porto! A whole week in the sun with my nearest and dearest (that's family and husband to you and me).
  5. Flying to Barcelona the week after for a 48 hour stopover (I'm actually going solo and meeting my husband out there and I'll be alone in the city for a day - I'm taking a disposable camera, some comfy sandals and a lot of SPF).
  6. Taking my Nan out for an afternoon tea (note to self - book that afternoon tea) for her birthday. The big 8-3! 
  7. June - Celebrating lots of birthdays! I've got 4 close friends who all turn 28 in June, so I'm looking forward to sending lots of cards and/or presents to them all.
  8. Seeing Guys and Dolls at Kilworth Theatre. The theatre is open air and every production I've seen is just enchanting - plus I got engaged at Kilworth House, so it's always a place of pure magic for me.
  9. Ditto my own birthday - I'm a June baby too! I've booked the day off so now I just have to convince my twin brother to do the same so we can blow out our candles together.
  10. The various birthday celebrations I'll book (yep, I'm one of those). I love spreading out the party feeling over the month with cocktails, meals out and meet ups. It's the best.

What are you looking forward to in the next few months?!