A breath

Ahhh that's better.

I think I might be ready to come back to this little space. I know! Shocker.

I ended up taking a big step back from all things digital and felt a billion times better for it. I found what was really making me feel pretty miserable - Instagram - and deleted it for this little space. Once upon a time, it was relatively easy to grow a following... but as algorithms change and the market remains crowded, I decided to ditch the heartache/hustle and leave it be. Just don't ask about the other 3 accounts I have (personal,  my old blog and my side hustle)...

So what's new?

Work is busy busy, as usual. My side hustle is exciting and fun so that's great. Husband, home, family and friends are good and I feel incredibly grateful that's the case. Health - well, I've had a month off the gym after busting my knee, so I've been languishing in easter eggs and self pity.

Time to shake it off though. I've been reading a lot of blogs lately on the act of letting go and starting afresh. Spring is like that, isn't it? Growth is hard and letting go of what doesn't serve you is hard. Acknowledging your own (accidental) self sabotage is even harder, but it's necessary. And once done, like most hurdles, is not so bad after all... I think. Here are a few blogs, articles and rambles I've loved on the topic.

Why it's ok to change your mind in the pursuit of happiness resonated with me so much I actually got chills reading it.

If happiness is out of reach for you right now (and a big hug to you if it is), happiness vs. wholeness. Also, small acts of kindness.

Enough about me. 
So how are you doing?