#MarchMeetTheMaker (aka my side hustle)

I sell cards. There, I said it.

I've been making, designing and selling for almost a year now and keeping it totally quiet. I really didn't want to tell family, friends or colleagues because... what if it failed? What if I launched and I sold nothing?
There's so much competition out there, but - against sense and good judgement - I wanted to give it a go nevertheless. I sat down and worked out all my costs for starting up, how much I needed to sell a unit for and what I could afford before making a loss. I started small, designing and ordering just 50 cards - 50 of each design in total.
I launched Maison Loui (the same name as my Granny's hair salon in the 1950s) in May 2017 with those 5 designs - a baby card, a congratulations card, a new home card, an engagement card and a birthday card.

Fast forward to March 2018 and I've sold around 20 cards on Etsy (and a little bit more outside it). Anyway I wanted to introduce you to my very, very small side hustle - it's a bit of a baby for me and I really love it when I get a sale, even if it's just for one card and I'm breaking even!

I get a real kick out of it and despite fierce online competition (there are over 18,000 new baby cards from UK seller on Etsy alone), I always feel a bit touched to think that someone somewhere is getting one of my colourful little cards through the post.
You can check out my new Mother's Day card and thank you card on my Etsy shop, if you fancy a peek. If you'd like to shop local a bit more and support smaller sellers, I really recommend searching #MarchMeetTheMaker on Instagram to find amazing craftspeople, artisans and designers. It's a great way to find something unique, too!