Here for a good time, not a long time

Image - Pinterest
Oh hey! I'm sorry I'm late. Somehow between a crazy busy new job and a lovely busy Mother's Day last weekend, I somehow forgot to stop by.

I wrote a few different posts before writing this one - sometimes I write them down in a notebook on my commute, because... well, when else do you get a spare minute to just write?

Around Monday afternoon, I realised I was pretty close to burning out. When I gave up my last blog, I decided I was going to take some time to see how everyone else lives without keeping an online record of their presence. But only 3 months in, I was itching. I was still reading blogs and enjoying them. I felt I needed to create something - so that's why I created cards.

Fast forward to now and the blogging bug crept back in. Then I started up my old instagram. I'm still selling cards. A new job that is 100% full throttle busy. Occasional freelance work. A house to run. Friends, family, my husband. My health.

It's time to step back and re-evaluate.

I spend more and more time these days scrolling Instagram, looking at other people's lives when I could be spending time on my own. I wanted to just write here, but I'm already slipping into old familiar habits - the comparison trap. Chasing likes.

I know I already have everything I'm looking for in this life. I just need to take the time and space to value it, trust in it and let go of everything else.

And so commences the digital detox. Back... sometime.