That four letter word

You guys, I’m using February to go HARD on the self love. After a cold and drizzly January with grey days as far as the eye could see, this month is all about treats.

As it’s still cold (and drizzly), I’m looking to get my glow back (lol as I I even had one outside that Instagram filter with the sparkly gold eyeshadow) but anyway. I digress. Glow!

First up, glow within. Breathe in - mmmmm - happy thoughts, good deeds, puppies, no self bashing etc. Breathe out - aahhh (ohhhmmm?) - no negativity in this camp! I am zen! Love for all!!! Etc. Also spending time with people I rate and appreciate AND bashing time mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and lurking at strangers on the head. šŸ‘‹šŸ»

Next up, glow outside. I feel a healthy dose of self neglect in favour of wine and central heating and not really giving a f— is necessary come winter, but this lady is in need of a pedicure, stat. Plus manicure, facial and massage, ideally free as - no money.

Well, pedicure reluctantly booked but I’m on the lookout for (at least semi) permanent glow. I’m 100% guilty for ignoring all beauty bloggers in favour of seasoned Beauty Ed Sali Hughes recommendations (albeit her cheaper recs - I’m hitting up The Ordinary and the Naturally Radiant range at Superdrug). My ride or die cleanser is by REN but it doesn't seem to be boosting my skin during colder months, so I’m going to try Lush’s Ultrabland and will selflessly report back (u r welcome). If you have sensitive combination skin that likes to have a hormonal acne fit to keep things interesting, I’m your skincare soulmate. Let’s be friends.

Also adding to glow on the outside, I’m going to at least attempt to up my fruit & veg intake beyond the grapes in wine (theme?) and my fave on the go snack, bananas. On the list - berries, dark leafy greens, anything incl. vitamin C.

Finally spreading the glooooowwww. I’m gonna send galentines cards on V day (look it up lady) to my bestest to remind them they a) rock and b) have v. v. special qualities they should be proud of. Hopefully happy glow all round.

I decided I'd create a list of stuff to do - feel free to pin now and read later or just cherry picks the ones you like. Maybe I'll do one for March too...
February To Do List // sunday sunday
What are you all doing this month of lurrrve?