20 things I've learned in my twenties

Evening gang.

I asked my (very few and lovely) followers on Instagram what they’d like to see this week - a packing list for Iceland or 20 things I’ve learned in my twenties?

Judging by the fact you clicked on the title, you can guess what won (and between you and I, you’ve got excellent taste). I actually wrote something along these lines a few years back on my old blog, but almost 4 years on it needs an update.

So, here we are.

When I look around at my fellow twenty-somethings, I see an upward trend of awareness, appreciation and acceptance. We’re in the thick of proclamations of self-love and fourth wave feminism. It’s acceptable - even encouraged - to read self-help and self-improvement books. For all we’re marked as mollycoddled and cosseted individuals, us millennials aren’t too shabby I reckon.

So at the grand old age of 27, 7 months and 20 days, here are 20 things I’ve learned in my twenties.

  1. Cut toxic people from your life the way you’d cut chewing gum out of your hair i.e. quickly. 
  2. It’s ok to not really know who you are yet - or what you want. Or where you're going.
  3. As the years go by, sometimes the only thing you’ll have in common with your friends is… that you’re friends. That’s ok, too. 
  4. Your Plan A may just be no plan at all. That’s also - you’ve guessed it - ok. 
  5. Use the good stuff. 
  6. Don't waste precious moments of your miraculous magical life worrying what other people think of you. 
  7. Hard knocks are a necessary part of life. Learn what you can and laugh off the rest.
  8. You don't always have to have an opinion or take sides in an argument - pick your battles.
  9. People dispense (often unsolicited) advice based on their own life experiences. Take only what works for you but be gentle. Remember advice is rarely imparted with bad intentions. 
  10. How rich you are is based solely on how much you acknowledge and appreciate what you already have. 
  11. Saving some money to fall back on is a truly marvellous thing to do. Things can and do go tits up, nothing feels more boss than being able to rely on yourself when you’re in a fix. 
  12. Practice saying no. It's a liberating thing.
  13. Practice saying yes. It's a liberating thing.
  14. Buy the clothes and shoes that make you smile, no matter how ridiculous they may seem.
  15. Repeat after me: social media is not real life. 
  16. Choose fun. 
  17. Look after your mind and your body before you look after anything - or anyone - else.
  18. If in doubt, choose what feels like adventure. 
  19. Pursue movement of your body and mind that makes you feel happy and alive. Quit everything else.*
  20. Have faith in your feet - they haven’t let you down yet. 

Got a few pearls of wisdom to share? I’m listening.

*Stolen from 'What is self care?' but totally counts.