What is self care?

So, I put it out there on the gram - a post on self care or a life lately update? I'm guessing you're all feeling the effects of January hard (or you're not as nosy as I am) because self care came out tops by 59%. Winner winner ladies and gents.

Out goes hygge aaaaand in lands self care (even the NHS has got on the bandwagon). Now before you roll your eyes, I think we might be onto something here.

I was going to talk about our constant unrelenting exposure to screens, to bad news and bad people. To events and individuals outside our day-to-day, which in the briefest second can change how we feel about the world... and ourselves, for that matter. But it's Sunday and we don't want reasons to feel down, amiright?

An act of self care is not far off an act of self preservation when we feel off kilter. Doing something for yourself out of love and necessity, because you're wholly deserving of your full capacity for love, care and attention.

With that in mind, if you'd like to try a little self care then you're in luck. I've had a little think and come up with 14 ideas (hey cupid, V day isn't that far away) for you to try. Feel free to add in, swap out or amend to your liking.* 

  1. Order exactly what you fancy next time you grab a coffee on the go. Even if it's with extra cream.
  2. Book in a beauty or spa treatment solo (and don't gossip with the therapist if you don't want to).
  3. Write by hand freely, without crossing out or amending your words. What's on your mind?
  4. Give yourself permission to rest. No judgement. No guilt. Just be.
  5. Avoid people who make you sad, angry or feel less.
  6. Try and learn or make or do something you've always wanted to learn, make or do. 
  7. Say no when you want to say no (and usually say yes).
  8. Ban social media for a day. Try a week. 
  9. Write a card to a friend with 3 reasons why you admire, love and appreciate them. 
  10. List 10 things you like about yourself. List more.
  11. Buy yourself flowers.
  12. Buy someone else flowers.
  13. List everything you're looking forward to. If there isn't all that much, make plans for more.
  14. Pursue movement of your body and mind that makes you feel happy and alive. Quit everything else.

Anyone willing to take on the challenge of riotous self care? I dare ya.


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