3 words you need to hear in January


Even if you got plenty of it in December and over Christmas, rest is absolutely the number one thing you need to recharge your batteries for the year ahead. Make the most of having less money and less daylight with plenty of long baths or showers (whichever your preference), catching up with a book or five and early bedtimes.

If you can, try and squeeze in an earlier alarm too; it sounds counterintuitive, but giving yourself longer to get ready in the morning (or even fitting in 10-15 minutes of yoga or mindfulness practice) will give you a more restful and relaxed approach to the day.


In between your lovely languid lazy evenings on the sofa restful days and evenings, make some time to sit down with a pen and paper (try without a screen to give yourself proper thinking time away from distractions) and work out what’s working for you right now and what isn’t.

Sometimes we all need a master reset to get back to basics – what makes us happy, and what makes us healthy. Purely and simply, it’s what we need to make more room for and what we need to stay away from. It could be stepping back from a toxic friendship and spending more time with positive people, or just making an effort to create better financial habits. Don’t think of a reset as a resolution; this isn’t about holding yourself to a deadline or a promise, but a reminder of what comes top on your personal list of priorities.


Get ahead of the Spring club with a clear out – physically, mentally and at home! Starting from the top, it’s not a bad idea to use this month as a chance to give yourself a full body MOT – doctor, dentist, optician, etc just to make sure you’re a-ok. Just for a treat, book in for a trim or a mani-pedi (totally counts). And as much as no-one really wants to jump on the diet bandwagon, it’s not a bad time to get back into regular exercise; that endorphin hit is an ideal boost in the dark winter months.

Mentally, refresh your wellbeing to do list. That means – you already know what you want to do to take better care of yourself – so do it. Whether it’s exercising more, seeing a doctor/counsellor or quitting a bad habit, take this chance to really refresh your mind.

Finally, home. Nothing makes me feel more refreshed than going through my (all too many) possessions and placing them in 4 different piles: Keep, Toss (responsibly), Donate, Sell. If it feels like an overwhelming task, try splitting out by type or room – I’ll tackle my wardrobe one day and my make-up box (yup, box) the next. Sometimes even just spending 10 minutes going through kitchen cupboards and drawers can make a huge difference to how organised I feel. I’ve unearthed all sorts – lost bills, odd keys, hairbands, etc – which really could just do with being back where they belong.

Ready for 2018? It's gonna be magic.