0-100 and an edited life

Image - Pinterest (from my 2018 style book)
If that bit between Christmas and New Year is a (welcome) snoozefest, then the first week of January is a strapped-in-against-your-will rocket launch. Anyone else feel more than a bit disgruntled to be shaking off the tinsel and long looooonng lie-ins? (Please not just me!)

I know I said January doesn’t have to suck. And I know it’s only the 7th. But I’ve been struggz city all week and I really, really need an attitude overhaul. Any tips? I’m trying not to fall into the usual cycle of… hang on let me doodle it…
I do want 2018 to be different. Not because I have to meet set goals in order to be happy… but because I think I’ve probably been guilty of sabotaging my own happiness quite a bit.

Which brings me to an edited life. I am guilty of swinging from phase to phase at an alarming rate. Something I’ve worn twice can find itself on the charity pile because it doesn’t fit the new fresh version of myself I want to become. I’ll swap out prints and photos around the house every month on a whim. I can’t decide if I like something because like it or because I saw it on Pinterest.

I guess I’m asking - where do you draw the line between real life and the edit? Between inspiration, influence and identity crisis? What you want to see and what you want others to see? Or worse - at which point do you decide that you only want to see the edit, too?

I gave up blogging a year ago because I felt like I was losing my grip on what is normal and happy and healthy over what looks that way. I didn’t want to care about likes or followers. We all know social media is a highlight reel and nothing more. But if I ever shared the sad, bad or ugly stuff, I felt it didn’t have its place there either. It felt, at best, negative and ungrateful… and at worst too real, too personal, no-one’s business.
The comparison trap – problem is, it didn’t end when I stopped blogging. I created this space because I missed writing but I’m hesitating on starting up any form of associated social profile to match because I need to know: where do you strike the balance?

How do you separate personal, project and professional without falling into the comparison trap?

I’ve dabbled with the idea of deleting all my social profiles and going cold turkey. But on the flip I love to read other blogs, to write my own, to connect with cool girls across the internet who have something to say. I want community, not comparison. How do you get one without the other?

So, dear reader. Old friend. New pal. How do you find your balance? Do you sensibly limit your time spent on social media platforms? Or do you just accept it for what it is and do it for the 'gram? 

 Answers on a postcard please (or the comments will do). Next week I'll be back to glittering form, promise.



  1. I don;t know the answer.. the balance is hard and my attention shifts sometimes between different social media platforms.. and sometimes I ignore them all..


    1. I'm exactly the same (although tend to get stuck on Instagram). Thanks for stopping by Hena!


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